Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Ende - Flores Island

Beautiful Ende - Flores Island

On 2010, Thomas take the opportunity to have duty travel to Ende, Flores, NTT.
Here are some beautiful photos of Ende

Inside the Dark Cloud, there is a light

Ende Airport : H. Hasan Aerobusman

First Image you will see, Gunung Meja (Table Mountain).

Ende Beach

Former Indonesian President Exile House

Very rare moment, storm at Green Stone Beach

The Old Wooden Craft

Ikan Kuah Asam (Fish Sour Soup)

Bromo 2010

Beautiful Bromo

Just share the beauty of Bromo Volcano, pictured by Mr. Prihadi on 2010 last year.

The Sunrise @Pananjakan Bromo

It's Very Dangerous

Bromo in the Morning

You will love it

The Savana @ Bromo Caldera

The Mark of Indonesian Sorro (not Zorro) hahaha